Thursday, June 22, 2006

Abusing the First to Belittle the Second

I hadn't seen this U.S. News & World Report article until yesterday evening as I was perusing the month-old magazines in my chiropractor's waiting room. Forgive me for my belated posting of this.

Danielle Burton, writing about the National Rifle Association's 135th annual convention, held in Milwaukee last month, somehow managed to get her few functioning brain cells to fire in sequence and was able to squeeze this out from between her ears.

Conversation topics will almost certainly include the gun confiscations that occurred after Hurricane Katrina when police attempted to keep weapons away from looters, as well as the "Stand Your Ground" bills sweeping through many states.

Danielle, meet Patricia Konie, one of the "looters" you wrote about, and elderly woman who was body-slammed, disarmed, and then forcibly removed from her home by a gang of heavily armed agents of the state (of California!).

Note: link contains sidebar content NSFW. I'd link to an alternate source, but this is the most complete version of this video I could find. Be sure to listen to the voice-over by the newsfolk.

Here are some more viscous looters and thugs being stripped of their weapons and rounded up for "processing".

Yet, you felt compelled to report that the police merely "attempted" to take their firearms.

Yes, this is old news, but if anything bears repeating (and should be made mandatory viewing for all public school students in grades 4 and up), it's these real-life stories that show just how "paranoid" some of us are (not) when we talk about the true intentions of the "common-sense" "gun safety" movement in this country.