Sunday, June 25, 2006

Two Down, One To Go

On Friday, the Weaver "Tip-Off" scope mount base, which I bought on eBay for the 10/22, arrived. Fortunately, the small screwdriver on the Swiss Army knife was a perfect fit for the screws, seeing how my small screwdriver set was nowhere to be found.

Not that you can even see it in this picture, but do I really need another excuse for posting one?

(click for a slightly larger pic)
Five bonus points for every CD in the rack
that you can identify in the background.

Yesterday, the also-eBay-purchased .22 bore snake arrived, and I was able to give the barrel a good cleaning. No buyer's regret with this rifle! The bore is smooth as glass.

Lastly, the UPS website package tracking tells me the Simmons 22 MAG 4x32 scope I ordered (yes, via eBay) will be delivered tomorrow.

God, someone better keep me away from eBay for a while, or there'll be no college money for the girls. 'Cause I fear I'm just gettin' warmed up.