Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gun Control Invades Baghdad

At long last, the members of the congressional delegation from Massachusetts, and the rest of the liberal left in this country, finally have something to point to as an example of "progress" being made in the war in Iraq.

BAGHDAD, June 13 -- Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's month-old government rolled out its first major initiative against violence on Tuesday, announcing tighter crackdowns in the capital city in an attempt to combat the killing and kidnapping.

The plan imposes curfews from roughly dusk to dawn each day and prohibits cars from moving on the streets for four hours during midday on Fridays, when many Muslims attend prayers in mosques. Residents will not be allowed to carry guns outside their homes, and more patrols and checkpoints are planned to raise the visibility of the military.

Yeah, that'll work. Because if there's one thing that blood-thirsty, Islamo-fuckface terrorists are really good at, it's obeying rules and regulations.

"People are carrying guns in the streets. How do we know if they are terrorists?" Maj. Gen. Abdul Aziz Muhammed-Jassim, operations director of the general command of the Iraqi forces, said at a news conference at the Defense Ministry on Tuesday.

Here's one way to find out, Abdul.

Ban the carrying of guns in public, and the folks who continue to do so, with complete disregard for the rule of law, shooting up busloads of civilians all the while, will be the terrorists.

It's not rocket (-propelled grenade) science.