Thursday, June 29, 2006

If This is What They Mean By "Progressive"...

...I'll pass, thanks.

I can't say this news is all that surprising, coming from the state that advertises to illegal aliens everywhere that, not only will they not be approached, questioned, arrested, or even looked at funny by anyone involved in law enforcement (including our illustrious Attorney General), but they'll also be given "free" healthcare, drivers licenses, college tuition discounts, food stamps, and high-paying jobs on state-funded construction projects.*

Most New England states can expect declines in the percentage of young workers holding bachelor's degrees or higher, with the steepest drops expected in Massachusetts and Connecticut, researchers conclude in a study commissioned by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.

The "New England 2020" report attributes the decline primarily to population growth among young minorities outpacing gains by majority whites, and a widening education attainment gap between minorities and whites, who are more likely to complete college.

And, also more likely (as has been amply demonstrated by recent US Census reports) to relocate to states where they feel their tax dollars will be used in a manner more according to their wishes.

However, the minority population gains and an influx of immigrants are expected to help offset another negative trend: an expected decline in the population of working-age New England residents. Growth in nonwhite populations will help supply the region with the workers it needs as the population ages and more people retire [read: flee - ed.], Coelen said.

You throw in an increase to the minimum wage, as yet another incentive toward not getting an education (why bother?), and you've got another sure-fire recipe for liberal "success" on your hands. Of course, as I'm wont to say, it all depends on your definition of "success".

To paraphrase Ray Liotta's character, Shoeless Joe Jackson, from Field of Dreams:

"If you give it away for "free", they will come."

* This post brought to you this morning by the mAss Backwards Department of Run-On Sentences.

UPDATE: Case in point.

If you give it away for free...

Under its customer bill of rights, the T grants refunds to riders when service is 30 minutes late...

...they will come.

MBTA police have uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraud by scofflaw riders who submitted heaps of phony refund requests on behalf of deceased relatives, unwitting friends and even a pet golden retriever named Max, T officials said.

The extent of the fraud - committed in the absence of any checks on abuse - shocked T officials, who became concerned after a preliminary review showed the agency’s on-time guarantee was being targeted by con artists.

"We are finding rampant abuse of the system," T General Manager Daniel Grabauskas said yesterday. "People were putting in refunds for dead parents, their dogs and their kids."

"Well, golly, we had a system in place to hand out free money, with no questions asked, and some folks decided to take advantage of that. We here at the MBTA are shocked, we tell you, shocked."

Welcome to Massachusetts.