Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cutting Corners Bolts?

There was a caller to John Depetro Show on WRKO this afternoon who claimed to be a union worker who witnessed the installation of the anchor bolts used to hang the ceiling panels in the Big Dig tunnels. He stated that if some the workers drilling holes for the anchor bolts encountered reinforcing steel, they simply stopped drilling, cut the bolt to fit the hole, and set them in place, thereby drastically reducing the embedded length of the bolt.

In layman's terms - that would be bad.

If this is proven to be true (and it would not shock me in the least), then this collapse would be anything but a fluke occurrence, and, in my opinion, the entire length of this ceiling system would be at imminent risk of failure.

Channel 4 in Boston is reporting something similar.

CBS4's Joe Shortsleeve was told if the bolts had been properly fastened to the tunnel ceiling there would be tearing or damage as they pulled free from the ceiling. But we've learned the break was clean as if it never screwed in and the glue just let loose.