Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reilly Surges in Latest Poll...

...leaves "I don't know" in the dust.

David at Blue Mass. Group has the details.

The latest Channel 4/Survey USA poll is a shocker: Deval Patrick has exploded into first place with 45% of the likely Democratic primary voters; the other two are both below 30%.


Deval Patrick: 45% (34%)
Chris Gabrieli: 29% (30%)
Tom Reilly: 21% (29%)

Let's hope these numbers hold up over the next seven days. I'm getting sick of blogging about that reprobate piece of crap.

If the State House News poll - scheduled to be released in about 45 minutes - confirms these results, it's a happy day at Patrick HQ.

Here too, my friend. Here too.

UPDATE: The numbers are in on the SHN poll.

Deval Patrick: 36%
Chris Gabrieli: 26%
Tom Reilly: 19%

Let's see...carry the four...divide by pi...that puts "I don't know" at about 19%. It looks like third place may very well still be up for grabs.

Or, as I said back in June:

At the rate Reilly's going, he'll be lucky to come out of the primary this September with a bronze medal around his neck.

And, the fact that both of these polls have the crucial "Not Tom Reilly" vote at over 60% is more than enough reason to pick up a six-pack of celebratory beverage this evening.

Cheers, gang!