Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Either Tom Reilly Is On Crack...

...or he thinks the rest of us are.

Here are couple items I meant to get to last night. You want to make sure you're sitting down for this first one. It's a doozie. Also, be sure to complete all swallowing of hot coffee activities before reading any further.

You've been warned.

From the Cape Cod Times endorsement of Tom Reilly:

In a proposal that should even attract the attention of Republicans, Reilly will launch a "Deregulating Government Initiative" to "weed out duplicative and obsolete state regulations..."

LOST: One lower jaw. Last seen on the floor under my desk.
If found, please call Bruce at [phone number deleted].

The creation of a "Deregulating Government Initiative"?

A promise to eliminate "obsolete state regulations."?

How big a bunch of morons does this little totalitarian prick take us for? Seriously, that one paragraph is a shoe-in for the 2006 Hashpipe-Induced Horseshit Award.

Tell us, which regulations, specifically, might you be referring there, Tom? Not that any of this bears repeating, but...oh, wait, yes it does.

Might you be referring to the Puritanical blue laws that prohibit storeowners from selling cranberry sauce to their neighbors on the morning of Thanksgiving, which you have sworn to enforce with great vigor and zeal?

I'll take this as a no.

Perhaps, you're referring to our ridiculous system state-regulated auto insurance rates, that do nothing but stifle free enterprise, reduce consumer choice to the edge of non-existence, subsidize auto insurance rates for the state's worst drivers, and pad your campaign coffers with thousands of dollars from the insurance companies and their lobbyists.

But, I'm thinking not.

Oh, I know. You're going to do away with, or at least overhaul, the state's "dangerous weapons" list, and allow Toys 'R' Us to continue selling plastic slingshots, along with the aluminum baseball bats and hockey that could never possibly be used as offensive weapons.

But, then again...no.

OK, now this one's a long shot.

If elected governor, you're planning on abolishing the monumentally absurd "Approved Firearms Roster", and allow licensed gun owners in this state more options when purchasing firearms, or to allow the elderly to purchase firearms that they can safely operate in self-defense situations.

Because, it certainly hasn't done dick to reduce the availability of firearms for the crack merchants and thugs shooting up their neighborhoods in Roxbury and Dorchester in record numbers.

From Gun Owners' Action League:

Reilly Admits to Abuse of Regulatory Authority!

In 1967 the Massachusetts Legislature created Massachusetts General Law Chapter 93A granting the AG limited authority to promulgate regulations to protect the public from: "Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce...". The purpose of the law was to grant the AG the authority to promulgate regulations to protect the consumers of Massachusetts from poorly manufactured products or business practices that might harm them. NO PART of Chapter 93A was ever meant to grant authority to the Attorney General to create or impose fraudulent consumer protection regulations in an attempt to reduce crime. To do so is a clear abuse of power!

Perhaps that's the "obsolete state regulation" you were talking about there.

Yeah, and perhaps a herd of antelopes will be galloping out of my ass later this afternoon.

Ooh, maybe you're talking about the laws that make it illegal in Massachusetts to provide minors with alcohol, and hold accountable those idividuals who provide alcohol to a minor who is subsequently involved in a fatal drunk driving collision.

We all know how you feel about those silly little rules.

I've asked this before, and I'll ask it again...and again, and again, and again.


Well, some deluded folks are (link via Hub Politics).

"No other candidates have a record, except for Tom Reilly," said Bill Young , an organizer for the Pipefitters Local 537 and a lifelong Medford resident. "Why would you go with somebody who doesn't have a record?"

Charles Manson has "a record". I'm not sure he'd make a good governor though. All kidding aside though, my coffee table has a more impressive record of achievement than Tom Reilly, and at least ten times the integrity.

"He is what he is, and he is what you see -- someone who cares about people...

...who donate money to his campaign...

...who really does take an interest in...

...controlling every aspect of...

...a person's life, who gives as much as he gets and is loyal," Pratt Wiley said. "Once you're a friend, you're a friend of his for life. And he seems to attract the same kind of people."

So, he takes care of only those who "take care" of him. My, what a refreshing trait to see in someone running for public office in this state. That bodes real fucking well for the rest of us.


"I think he really should have the most credibility with voters -- they've seen his work in action and how much he cares about the state," [Ben Flatgard , 21 , a student from Bolton] said.

Again, I refer you to the aforementioned coffee table, which I plan on voting for in the primary, via a write-in ballot.