Friday, October 20, 2006

Food For Thought

From Saucier, Mississippi:

I wonder how this elderly woman and her husband would have fared, had she lived in Boston and was thereby required to, among other things, qualify at the Boston Police Department's pistol range prior to being granted permission to own a handgun.

A gun battle in Saucier ended with an armed robbery suspect dead and an elderly couple lucky to be alive.

Beth Greer, 73, and her husband Tommy Greer, 60, say they returned home from work shortly before 11pm Monday night. Within minutes, they were staring down the barrel of a gun.

The blood stains have dried but the memories are still fresh in Beth Greer's mind. She says one moment she was unloading her car, the next she was asking a gunman to spare her life.

"Out of nowhere to my right there was this voice that said 'Hey." So I turned around and looked and it was this masked man. He had a mask on and a jacket that all seemed like it blended together and he had a gun in his hand pointed at me," Beth Greer said.

Greer screamed for her husband who was inside. That's when she says the gunman walked past her and into the house to confront Tommy Greer.


Still outside, Beth Greer had grabbed a gun from her car.

"I heard a shot go off and, of course, I just knew he had killed Tommy. In an instant, he stepped back into the garage. One step in the garage, still with his gun pointed at me, and I just opened fire on him. I just shot, shot, shot, shot," Beth Greer remembered.

What if she only scored a 208 out of 300 on her range test, due to her difficulty in firing a .38 with one hand?

Or, what if she passed the test, but this incident happened three months later, before her license had arrived?

Oh, wait. That's simply not possible. State law requires the licensing authority in one's town to issue a fireams license, or a written letter of denial, within 40 days of the application date. My bad. Never mind.

(insert uproarious laughter here)

Or, what if the Attorney General of the State of Mississippi was as big a douche as Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly, and had made it illegal to sell handguns in Mississippi that could be operated by elderly, and possibly arthritic individuals, for whom a lighter trigger pull would be necessary in order to safely operate a handgun?

Well, in either of the above scenarios, it's quite likely she and her husband would be the ones bleeding out on their garage floor, while the walking fecal ball who shot them would be busy looking for his next defenseless victim.

The kicker is, Mayor Menino, and all the freedom-hating, gun-grabbing hacks running this state, would seemingly be OK with that, just so long as the government was able to maintain its monopoly on the dispensation of lethal force. And, by "maintain", I mean "split 50/50 with the crackheads and gangbangers".

But, hey, sharing's nice.

Bottom line: Beth Greer and her husband are alive today, solely because their right to defend themsleves had not been taken from them by a bunch of power-hungry, "progressive" busy-bodies.

And needless to say, the former scumbag had (surprise, surprise) a history of committing violent crime. Though, I believe the jury's still out on whether this piece of shit's writing was "thoughful" or "eloquent".