Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just Another Day

...in Mayor Menino's gun-free fantasy land.

Boston cops are on the hunt for the ruthless trio of thugs who viciously beat a group of Boston University star athletes with baseball bats, wrenches and hammers outside a party early Sunday.

So much for "Walk together in groups". Thanks for that little tidbit of crime-fighting wisdom, your excellency.

The thugs cracked a baseball bat on Schaeffer’s head, knocking the senior unconscious. The brutal beatdown left Schaeffer with a broken orbital bone, or eye socket, and head fractures, Parker said. Schaeffer, who may need surgery, was released from Brigham and Women’s Hospital yesterday.

"They could have been killed," Parker said of the victims.

Clearly we need to enact some common-sense handtool/sporting goods control laws. Unless someone is an athlete, plumber, and carpenter - and duly registered as such with the state, for a modest registration fee, renewable every 12 months - then I see no reason, whatsoever, to allow ordinary citizens to possess these potentially lethal implements.