Friday, January 12, 2007

Reason #12,610 Why I Love New Hampshire

People like Judge James Barry.

MANCHESTER -- The city man arrested at the scene of Manchester Police Officer Michael Briggs' fatal shooting had his bail doubled yesterday after an arraignment in Hillsborough County Superior Court.

Antoine Bell-Rogers, 21, will remain incarcerated unless he can come up with $100,000 cash bail, Judge James Barry ruled yesterday afternoon. Prosecutors had only requested half that amount.

Just like in Massachusetts.

Yeah, and there's a shifty-lookin' salesman at the front door for you - something about a bridge.

Prosecutor Karen Gorham asked the judge to uphold Bell-Rogers' previous bail of $50,000, set last October when he was arraigned in Manchester District Court. Gorham noted Bell-Rogers' extensive criminal record in Massachusetts, which includes convictions for receiving stolen property, marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

I say we deport him back to Massachusetts (how does no chute and a 1500' airdrop sound?) with a GPS tracking chip embedded in an ankle bracelet, designed to detonate a small explosive charge if he steps back across the state line into New Hampshire.

Works for me.

And, check out this line from the guy's lawyer:

[Defense attorney Tony] Introcaso said his client has the "ability" to work full-time and has "no physical or psychological disabilities that would render him a danger to the community."

What kind of "physical disability" would render someone a danger to the community? Are we talking about some rare ailment that causes 20-foot flames to shoot horizontally out of his ears at unpredictable intervals? Or maybe some radioactive, half-human mutant who sprays mercury out his pores when he sneezes?

It's simple. Mr. Bell-Rogers is a lowlife scumbag. End of discussion. His mere presence in the community presents a danger to the people living there.