Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reason #23,477...

...why Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is just another hypocritical, liberal, gun-grabbing piece of shit who can kiss my white ass.

Speaking today, on President Bush's attachment of a signing statement to the newly enacted postal reform act, which may, or may not, allow the President to open anyone's mail he likes (depending on whom you ask), the senior senator from New York had the audacity to say:

Every American wants foolproof protection against terrorism. But history has shown it can and should be done within the confines of the Constitution.

What's wrong with that sentence? Here's a hint...

This is the same Chuck Schumer, who, when arguing the "merits of the now-defunct federal "assault weapons" ban a few years back, described that example of the further erosion of the Constitutional rights of law-abiding American citizens as one of the...

"...most effective measures against terrorism that we have."

And, don't forget, that was the same line of horseshit he and Di-Fi were peddling when they were (and, wil be again soon) calling for a nationwide ban on the private ownership (by law-abiding Americans only) of super-scary .50-caliber rifles.

Needless to say, Senator Schumer's copy of the Constitution is missing a few pages. Can you blame him, though? I mean, who'd want to keep something around the office after repeatedly wiping one's ass with it?