Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today's Big Shocker

From South of the Wire:

It looks like it's business as usual in the people's Progressive Republic of Massachusetts. You know, the state that was suppossed to be in the midst of some never-before-seen grassroots, populist revolution, led by the people's champion for change, Deval "Let's Reach For That" Patrick.

Raise your hand if this story shocks you as much as it did me.

Governor Deval L. Patrick yesterday appointed a Superior Court judge with no professional background in insurance as the state's top insurance regulator.

Nonnie S. Burnes , 64, a former law partner of Patrick , will give up her court robes Feb. 26, but as the new insurance commissioner she will still issue plenty of rulings, establishing auto insurance rates for the state's 4 million drivers and setting policy on health, worker's compensation, and coastal home insurance issues.

In a telephone interview, Burnes said she assumed that Patrick hired her in part because she will bring a fresh set of eyes to the job -- "someone not committed to one point of view or another," she said.

Yeah, that's how they'll spin it. But, if this was a Republican governor doing the same thing, the incessant screaming and accusations of bald-faced, hack cronyism coming from the left would be deafening.

Burnes listed three major issues facing the Division of Insurance: the future of automobile insurance regulation, skyrocketing coastal home insurance rates, and health insurance.

Gee, I wonder if the person now in charge of regulating auto insurance in Massachusetts will come up with any "fresh" ideas that might involve eliminating Massachusetts' archaic, state-regulated auto insurance system.

Oh, and her job.

We'll just file this one under "Reason Number (n+1) Why I Moved".