Monday, March 12, 2007

I'd Tell You How Shocked I Was To Read This...

...but I'd be lying my laughing ass off.

"No Ordinary Leader", my pale, white ass. This deceitful little dickhead is the perfect embodiment of what it means to be a "leader" in Massachusetts. There's nothing out of the ordinary about him.

Governor Deval Patrick is facing questions over some contributions he received during his campaign for governor. The donations came from employees of two firms building a new development in Cambridge.

Two of the donors now work for the governor, and that's just one of the issues being raised.

Dan O'Connell and Greg Bialecki were both involved in the Northpoint development in Cambridge. O'Connell is now Patrick's Secretary of Housing and Development. Bialecki is one of Patrick's top aides involved in real estate permitting.

In February, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled against the Northpoint construction project in a lawsuit brought by a Cambridge neighborhood group. About three weeks later, the governor filed legislation that would reverse the court's ruling on development over tidelands.

Now we are learning that Governor Deval Patrick received more than $12,500 in campaign contributions from Northpoint's development firms last year. The Associated Press says O'Connell and Bialecki each donated $1,000.

Patrick is defending the bill, saying it was not directed at a single development but rather is for the sake of all coastal developments. He says that Bialecki and O'Connell were in no way involved in the legislation.

Gimme a break. Just how stupid does he think the voters of Massa...

Oh, never mind.

Fraudulent scumbag.

I can't put into words how much I'm enjoying watching from afar, as this corrupt phony shoves all his slick-talking campaign rhetoric up the collective backside of the all the people who fell for that garbage and supported him and his "No Ordinary Leader", "Together We Can" bullshit crusade.

The only things missing were the purple shrouds and the matching Nikes.

What the fuck were you people smoking?