Thursday, March 08, 2007

Year #2 In Review

March 2005 through February 2006

Hope you're hungry, and you've brought your horse-flogging implements. Because I'm dishing up second helpings this time around.

March 2005:

Here They Come

This piece from Boston Globe columnist Derrick Z. Jackson is almost too stupid to be worth mentioning, let alone responding too. But, don't worry. That's not likely to prevent me from doing just that. Yes, the standard DHBA is in effect. Here we go. I'll try to be brief.


More "Common Sense" in the Commonwealth

From The Outdoor Message, the official news publication of Gun Owners' Action League, comes this story of a hearing held last month at city hall in Quincy, Massachusetts regarding Quincy Police Chief Crowley's firearms license "policies" (or lack thereof). Just one more shining example of what the politicians around these parts refer to as "common sense" gun control regulations.


April 2005:

Is Hennigan Getting It?

Mayor Menino has always run on the "strength" of his crime-fighting initiatives, proclaiming Boston to be a "safe city" for all of its residents.

The only problem with the Mayor's position there is that it's pure "Grade A" crap. Do you ever wonder why the Mayor spends so many late nights at Ugi's in Dudley Square chatting with the locals over a large meatball sub? No? That's because he doesn't. He knows better than to walk around there at night without his armed security detail in tow.


Next Up, Your Local Hardware Store

The benevolent powers that be in the fair city of Boston have taken another courageous step in their ongoing efforts to crack down on violent crime in our neighborhoods. They've begun shutting down stores that sell toy guns.


May 2005:

Welcome to Bristol County

I have but one simple question for Bristol County District Attorney, Paul Walsh.

What the screaming bloody hell does an individual have to do in Bristol County to warrant even a day of prison time as a sentence for his misdoings?


The Menino Plan is Working

Well, the mayor's plan to disarm the citizens the Boston seems to be working. Just one small problem, innocent people are being killed as direct result of it. Why? Because, GUNS DON'T CAUSE CRIME! They can sure as hell prevent crime, but that would require actually allowing law-abiding citizens to carry firearms to defend themselves. Good Lord, we can't have that. Why that might put the drug dealers, muggers, and rapists at a severe disadvantage. And that wouldn't be fair. Where's the "social justice" in that plan?


June 2005:

Barrios Shows His True Colors

OK, realize this is yet another news item that's a few weeks old, but, in my defense, if I were to blog every time some rancid blather like this dribbled out of Senator Barrios' mouth, I'd have worn my fingers to the bone by now.


Welcome to Massachusetts

I'm too pissed off right now to offer commentary on or to even post highlights lowlights from this Boston Herald article showing the kid gloves treatment convicted sexual predator Raymond Diamond received at the hands of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


July 2005:

Last Call, Senator!

Quote of the Week (OK, technically last week) comes from Ted "I've NEVER Met a Gun Control Bill I Didn't Like" Kennedy, the senior swimmer senator from Massachusetts:


Imagine the Outrage

Let's assume, for the purpose of this post, that our benevolent legislature here in Massachusetts have passed legislation declaring that "undocumented workers" in the Commonwealth (aka: illegal aliens) are entitled to a state-issued driver's license, so that they can exercise their "right" to drive to "work" - regardless of their illegal residency status, or lack of authentic documentation regarding their true identity or criminal history - and that they've overridden Governor Romney's veto of said legislation. You know, "for the children", and all.


August 2005:

I Guess It All Depends

...on your definition of "most effective".

Massachusetts supposedly has the "most effective" gun laws in the country. The City of Boston has even stricter regulations on the purchase, possession, and carrying of firearms than those that exist at the state level. There's just one small problem (insert DHBA here).


Memo to Sarah Brady...

...and to Kofi Annan, Rosie O'Donnell, John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the world's socialist, freedom-loathing, gun-grabbing filth.

Go piss up a friggin' rope!


September 2005:

No Additional Commentary Required

Not much to add to this other than thanking God this Massachusetts native didn't fall prey to the "nobody needs a gun" mentality that has taken over much of his home state.


Another Weekend in Our Gun Control Utopia

Yes-sir-ee, our common-sense gun control laws, of which our "progressive" leadership is so proud, were really paying big dividends this weekend in the Greater Boston area. Stop me if you've heard this one before.


October 2005:

Puttin' the Mum in Mumbles

As you read this, keep in mind that Massachusetts is touted as having the "most effective gun laws in the nation".


Criminals Commit Crime - Who Knew?

The neighbors of Jean Lampron, the 64-year-old women viciously mugged by some dirtbag in Southie yesterday, are speaking out.


November 2005:

Saw This One Coming

Startling (not) news from the Boston Globe this morning.


Freedom Equals Death

It has been a while since I've read such a pathetic anti-gun column as this one. From the business section of the Boston Globe, comes this hyperbole-laden, Chicken Little-inspired, "The Sky is Falling" piece of blather from Globe columnist, Steve Bailey. You can almost taste the irrationality, fear and hatred in his words.


December 2005:

Vile Scumbag of the Week

I've had a post of about 250,000 words bouncing around my head for the last day and a half, with about 249,997 of those words being of a horse-beating, Barrios-bashing nature.

So much to write, so little time. I'll try to be brief.


Post Mortem Equine Flagellations

Looking back at some of the local news items from just the last couple of weeks, it's becoming more and more clear what a blissful world of peace, joy, love, harmony, buttercups, and sugarplums we would live in, if only we could make all the evil, bloodthirsty, mind-controlling guns disappear.


January 2006:

Selling The Snake Oil

Let's say you have a product for sale, that serves no actual purpose other than to turn a profit for you and the product's manufacturer. If you can't convince the public to buy it, you're out of luck. So how do you convince the gullible to part with their hard-earned dollars for a bottle of the snake oil you're pitching from the back of your buckboard in the town square?

Let's find out.


The Reilly-Barrios Doctrine

Stop me if you've heard this one before. It appears the systematic disarming of some of the most vulnerable members of society here in Massachusetts (AKA: the Reilly-Barrios Doctrine) is continuing to pay great dividends.


February 2006:

Criminals Be Warned!

If Mayor Menino gets his way, you will have to register your ammo at the point of purchase and be required to own only those guns with the capability of microprinting each shell casing with the serial number of the gun which you have dutifully registered with the state.


Reactions to New Bedford Bar Assault

More commentary this morning in the Boston Globe from some of our local pols reacting to this latest brutal attack on innocent, defenseless citizens. We've heard from Senator Shotgun. What does Senator Shotglass have to say?

Let's play "Fill in the blank".


Remember, it's all FOR THE CHILDRENTM.