Thursday, May 24, 2007

File Under: Takes One To Know One

Stop me if you're heard this one before. - May 17, 2007:

"I disagree with him on probably everything and I think he's an elitist who truly doesn't care for the common good."

That's former New Hampshire State Senator Burt Cohen (D-Portsmouth) explaining why, in 2004, he decided to challenge US Senator Judd Gregg's (R-NH) for his senate seat.

Portsmouth Herald - May 23, 2007:

Cohen pleaded guilty Tuesday to the October 2006 stop sign violation and was found guilty of the other charges following a 2½ hour trial, when five witnesses and Cohen offered testimony.

That testimony included two police officers and a civilian telling the court Cohen repeatedly asked arresting officers, "Don't you know who I am?"

"You can't arrest me. I am a very important community member," Cohen said, according to testimony by Officer Kuffer Kaltenborn.

No additional commentary required.