Monday, May 07, 2007

Lock and Load What, Exactly?

From Wired Magazine (emphasis mine):

The Smarter Emergency Kit

When the next world-crushing disaster strikes — tsunami, quake, dirty bomb, whatever — one thing is certain: You're on your own. As hurricanes Katrina and Rita showed, help may not arrive for 72 hours. Don't fret. Wired has your back with these shopping lists for your DIY emergency kit. Because when everything goes to hell, you'll want gear that gives you an evolutionary advantage over your less-prepared neighbors. Clip and save; lock and load.

Of course, Melissa Miller is speaking in the most metaphorical of senses there, seeing how the only items on her list of "must-haves" that could be called upon to serve as a halfway suitable weapon for the defense of one's family and community are a multi-tool, a crowbar, screwdrivers, and an adjustable wrench.

On the other hand, having one of these in your bag, might not be too bad an idea.

And, not to beat any further the dead horse that has been blog-beaten like few other dead horses before it, but...

For the rest of us living in the reality-based parallel universe, a 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot will fit the bill nicely, if you've got the space. Gotta travel light? A reliable handgun (minimum caliber = .3__), that you can fire safely, accurately, and comfortably (as much ammo as you can practically carry/transport) should serve you well.


(Wired link via Instapundit)