Thursday, June 07, 2007

As the Revoving Door Turns (cont.)

It's another stunning "victory" for Massachusetts liberalism - presented with minimal commentary.

From the Boston Herald:

Dressed in drag to evade capture, notorious Boston cop killer Thomas Shay is the target of a massive manhunt after violating his probation, for the third time, since he killed one BPD officer and maimed another in a 1991 bombing, the Herald has learned.

Cops are chasing Shay on state and federal arrest warrants stemming from probation violations after he was busted for assaulting yet another local police officer in Boston and other charges in the town of Spencer, said U.S. Marshal Jeff Bohn.

Bohn, along with the Boston Police Department’s Fugitive Unit, believes that Shay is donning a wig and a dress to avoid detection. Shay, who has a long arrest record for male prostitution, could be selling his body as a transsexual, investigators believe.

"He's cross-dressing. He's transient. And we are very actively looking for him," Bohn said.

BPD Deputy Superintendent Dan Coleman, commander of the Fugitive Unit, said his officers are making "every effort to track and locate Thomas Shay."

On Oct. 18, 2005, Northeastern University Police arrested Shay after he posed as a Boston University physical therapy student so he could "entice college-age males to massage them for money," according to a BPD report obtained by the Herald.

Students complained that he sexually assaulted them, prompting the university police to set up a sting. As police approached, Shay fled, knocking down two students, and then ripping off the badge of a detective who tackled and cuffed him.

The BPD report noted that Shay was on federal probation at the time of his arrest and had been convicted of killing a Boston cop.

That arrest came just three months after U.S. District Court Judge Rya Zobel extended Shay’s probation rather than return him to federal prison after he vanished from a halfway house in May 2003, fleeing the state shortly after his release.

Are you sitting down?

Have you removed all breakable objects from within reach?

"He needs a great deal of encouragement," Zobel said when she stretched Shay’s probation from 2007 to 2008 but allowed him to remain a free man.

Congratulations, Judge Zobel. You've done the impossible. I am officially at a loss for words.

Shay was found guilty in 1993 of conspiracy and malicious destruction of property for planting a bomb under his father’s car in Roslindale.

The bomb detonated, killing BPD bomb squad officer Jeremiah Hurley and critically wounding his partner, Frank Foley. Last December, another BPD cop, Denise Corbett, who was a rookie when she responded to the blast, took her own life - an action that BPD Commissioner Edward Davis said was likely spawned by the trauma of having a fellow officer die in her arms while another lost his eye.

In July 2006, Spencer police responded to a report that Shay had stolen money from two young boys with whom he was sharing a house. Police found drugs in the house, but Shay was long gone and has not met with his probation officer since, Bohn said.

And, now, the Understatement of the Year:

"The system has failed when dirtbags like this can still walk the street after killing a Boston police officer," said Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association President Tom Nee. "And he remained on the street after racking up additional arrests? It's shameful."

It's not "shameful". It's Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts, shameful is what they call it when law-abiding citizens are allowed to possess firearms for the purpose of defending themselves from scumbags like Thomas Shay.

As far as I'm concerned, Judge Rya Zobel, should, at a minimum, be removed from the bench and made to pay restitution to the state for every penny spent by every law enforcement agency dedicating what limited resources they have tracking down this scumbag.

I'll leave it up to your imaginations to guess what I'd rather see done to her. There may or may not be lampposts and bayonets involved.

Meanwhile, stories like this will continue to go right over the head of Boston Mayor Tom Menino as he blindly marches on with his campaign of blaming New Hampshire and Vermont's pro-choice gun laws for the violence and lawlessness running amok in his city.