Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Boston Firefighters Attacked

Boy, if ever there was an irrefutable argument for protecting an individual's right to armed self-defense, this would be it.

It was late Sunday when the tractor-trailer pulled up to Charlestown's Sullivan Square fire station, a routine stop for truck drivers who get lost trying to navigate the nearby rotary.

Lieutenant Chris Corwin and Firefighter Daniel Donahoe gave the driver directions and started helping him back up the 18-wheeler when a sedan tried to sneak around the rear of the truck. When Corwin asked the driver to wait, the driver started swearing, telling Corwin he would run him over if he did not move, Corwin said.

Then, four men wearing New York Yankees caps, all believed to be in their 20s, rushed out of the car and began beating Corwin, hitting him with a club and kicking him, Corwin and Donahoe said.

Stay tuned for Boston Mayor Tom Menino's press conference, where he will be blaming this senseless act of violence on the residents of Louisville, Kentucky for their irresponsible and careless promotion of a "baseball bat culture" run amok.

Corwin received at least 14 stitches. He had a broken eye socket and bruises. He spent the night at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Gun Control: Because the right of an armed thug to gang up with three of his scumbag buddies and break your eye socket with a club is unquestionably more sacred than your right to prevent such an event from occurring.