Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Are There Fireworks on the Horizon?

Via The Politico:

Fred Thompson running for president

By: Mike Allen
May 30, 2007 08:23 AM EST

Fred Dalton Thompson is planning to enter the presidential race over the Fourth of July holiday, announcing that week that he has already raised several million dollars and is being backed by insiders from the past three Republican administrations, Thompson advisers told The Politico.

Now, before anyone (myself included) gets too excited...

Campaign officials said they have every indication Thompson will declare his candidacy, but cautioned that he could still decide not to run or to postpone the announcement. Mark Corallo, the campaign spokesman, said: "He is seriously considering getting in and doing everything he has to do to come to a final decision."

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty at NRO reports:

Just talked to a Thompson source I'll call "TA3" (Thompson Associate 3). Much more coming shortly, but the first word was, there will not be a presidential announcement from Fred Thompson on July 4.

(The Politico got it wrong, it appears.)

(link via Denis in the comments)