Monday, May 28, 2007

AKA: How to Be a Carnivore and a Vegetarian

This might just be the most intelligent comment I've ever heard Tim Russert make during an interview.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Can anyone be a New York Yankees fan and a Boston Red Sox fan and win the presidency?

Democratic candidate Bill Richardson wants to have it all.

"I'm a Red Sox fan," said the New Mexico governor, who was born in Pasadena, Calif., but spent his early childhood in Mexico City, where his father worked for a U.S. bank.

As a teenager, Richardson attended a boarding school in Concord, Mass., where he pitched on the baseball team — a sport he follows closely to this day. Richardson graduated from Tufts University in 1971 with a master's degree in international affairs. He also pitched a season in the Cape Cod summer league.

Questioned by The Associated Press this year, Richardson said if he were not running for president, his dream job would be playing for the Yankees — because of his childhood idol.

On Sunday, he explained further: "I've always been a Red Sox fan. But I said if I weren't running for president, I would like to be No. 7 — Mickey Mantle — playing center field for the New York Yankees.

"My favorite team has always been the Red Sox. I'm a Red Sox fan. End of session," he said." But, he added, "I'm also a Yankees fan."

After declaring his allegiance to both the Red Sox and the Yankees, Richardson joked: "This is the thing about me: I can bring people together. I can unify ... "

"Yankees fans and Red Sox fans?" interviewer Tim Russert asked.

"Yes," Richardson asserted.

"Not a chance," Russert shot back, laughing.

Just when I was starting to think about possibly lending my support to a Richardson candidacy, he goes and pulls this asinine "I'm a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan" crap. Even John Kerry had the mental wherewithal to avoid making such an ass-reamingly stupid statement as that.

Sure, Kerry did once say how much he liked watching "Manny Ortez" play ball for the hometown heroes, but at least he never went so far as to actually declare any kind of allegiance to the Yankee-my-wankies.

He may be dumb, but he's not stupid.