Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Here's a Tax Proposal I Can Support

State Senator Proposes Tax On Alcohol In Mass.

(WBZ) BOSTON Should there be a tax on alcohol in Massachusetts?

A state legislator thinks it's a good way to raise money to help people with substance abuse problems.

Punishing the majority of the consumers of a product, who use said product responsibly, to pay for social programs aimed at the few people, relatively speaking, who use the product in an irresponsible manner.

How utterly Massachusettsian of her.

State senator Marian Walsh (D) of West Roxbury told WBZ Radio that a 5-percent tax would raise about $92 million a year for substance abuse treatment programs.

Actually, what it would likely do is drastically increase the number of people driving across the state line into New Hampshire for all their beer, wine, and liquor needs. This will bring more money into the New Hampshire economy, and help keep the people working in the alcohol industry up here gainfully employed.

Therefore, I whole-heartedly support Ms. Walsh in her quest to further advance the socialistic, big-government ideology that has made Massachusetts what it is today.

Of course, some people up here (Representative Mulholland, please call your office) would see that as a bad thing, because much of the increase in revenue will stay in the hands of the proletariat, and not be transferred to the government via a confiscatory tax code, as is so popular with our "progressive" neighbors to the south.

Walsh says 43 other states have an alcohol tax.

Again, the famous "Everyone else is doing it, why can't we?" argument. I'm sure her like-minded proposal to reform the Commonwealth's gun laws to allow all law-abiding residents of Massachusetts to purchase, possess, and carry a firearm for self-defense purposes - if they CHOOSE to do so - will be out shortly.

After all, 38 other states are doing it.

I honestly have a hard time putting into words how good it feels to no longer have Marian Walsh as my state senator.