Thursday, August 30, 2007

These People Have Lost Their Minds

Via Rob at Say Anything:

Fun Facts About the House Energy Bill

One of the key issues that Congress will need to address when it returns in September is legislation to restrict energy production in the U.S. It's not framed that way, of course. The legislation being considered is ostensibly supposed to help produce more energy, but that's not the effect it will have.

Among the myriad problems with the House bill for example, is that it allows anyone 'harmed' by global warming to bring suit against any federal agency that fails to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as required in the legislation. Plaintiffs are specifically authorized to recover $1.5 million, and to be compensated for legal fees win or lose, as long as the court determines it to be 'appropriate.'

That is some reeeeeal scary shit right there.

Sometimes, I wish these weasly little pricks would just introduce in Congress the "Complete Dissolution of America Act of 2007". It's time that quit beating around the bush, already, so we can settle this shit once and for all.