Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I don't have much to add to all the commemorative 9/11 posts out there.

Like Jay, I'm still angry.

There is still a sizable population of mentally-challenged Islamo-thugs out there, plotting new and exciting way to bring the infidels of the world to their knees (so as to behead them more efficiently).

But unfortunately, there is also a sizable population of mentally-challenges Congressional nitwits (the very people we elected to uphold and defend our Constitution and the American way of life) who are seemingly too busy these days plotting new and exciting ways to...

(a) channel taxpayer dollars to fictitious organizations headed by wealthy campaign contributors
(b) dictate what kind of cars we can choose to buy
(c) sell our Bill of Rights to the highest third-world bidder
(d) dissolve our nation's borders and sovereignty in the interest of personal financial and political gain

...to do anything about it.


Real angry.