Thursday, October 11, 2007

Only In Massachusetts

Federal Complaint Filed After Store Robbed 8 Times

(WBZ) GARDNER A police officer in Gardner insists convenience stores don't have to be easy targets for thieves, so he filed a federal complaint about workplace safety to try to bring about some change.

How about filing a complaint against all the politicians in Massachusetts who do insist that convenience stores and their employees have to be defenseless, easy targets for thieves?

Lt. Gerald Poirier of the Gardner Police Department is not just going after crooks. He's going after a store owner by filing a federal complaint about workplace safety.

Did I read that right? Is he suggesting that store owners are somehow to be held liable for the actions of the lowlife dirtbags who are robbing their stores?

The complaint comes just a few days after a Shell Food Mart on Pearson Boulevard in Gardner was robbed Sunday afternoon.

The clerk struggled back and managed to pull off the robber's hooded sweatshirt, so surveillance cameras were able to video his face, but no arrests have been made.

Poirier is now asking the Federal government to step in because he said the store repeatedly has left cash boxes out in the open and leaves the employees alone and vulnerable.

Yep, it's the store owners' fault.

Victims cause crime!

That's a new low, even by Massachusetts' "progressive" crime-fighting standards.

"Why allow these people to enter into premises when there's a lone worker, especially a young teenager or a lady, who can't defend themselves?" Poirier said.

Excellent questions, indeed! Though, I suspect the lieutenant isn't looking at this issue from the same angle I am.

Why are we allowing career criminals to walk the streets, free to rob 7-11's at will, instead of locking them up when we have the chance?

Why are we forcing people working in these stores to be defenseless victims, knowing full well that our prosecutors and judges aren't doing enough to lock up violent offenders?




So, Poirier got on the phone with OSHA, the Federal agency in charge of workplace safety. He said the owners of the Shell Food Mart are subjecting their employees to violence.

Naturally, the "solution" begins with a phone call to a federal bureaucracy. God forbid we start handling these things on the local level and learn to take care of ourselves without calling in for reinforcements from the feds.

Can you say "Katrina"?

There have been 8 robberies at the same Shell store in the last 5 years.

Yeah, that's what happens when the official store policy is "Free money for anyone who asks." Same reason why we read about bank robberies every day in the news. It's an easy score for someone desperate for drug money.

"These things can be prevented if a system is put in place," Poirier said.

These things can be prevented if a .38 is put in a holster.

But there is some good news for people who work in convenience stores. In the last 12 years, robberies and murders of stores clerks are down 50 percent.I

The number of states adopting "shall issue" licensing laws for concealed carry permits, over roughly that same time period (1993 to present) has gone from 16 to 37 (up 131%).

Don't hold your breath waiting for this "coincidence" to be reported by any of the mainstream news outlets in this country. That might give the impression that guns aren't inherently evil, and that the Second Amendment is, in fact, still relevant.