Tuesday, November 06, 2007

File Under: If You Have to Ask...

Your tax dollars hard at work.

PORTSMOUTH — An admitted heroin addict is being held on $100,000 cash bail for credit card fraud charges because, say police, his criminal history includes an attempted murder conviction and he is a suspect in "several violent crimes" committed in the city.

Hector Mojica, 50, with a last known address of 55 Columbia St., was arraigned in Portsmouth District Court Monday on eight charges alleging he stole credit cards from the Community Campus building and forged the cardholders' signatures to make purchases.

During his arraignment, Mojica asked for a public defender and help for a heroin addiction.

Prosecutor Corey MacDonald petitioned the court for the high cash bail based on Mojica's "dangerous level." According to the prosecutor, Mojica served a prison sentence for the attempted murder conviction, and his criminal history also includes convictions for robbery and drug possession with intent to distribute.

Mojica told the court he is indigent, does not have a job and lives on Social Security payments.

Do you think I'll be eligible to receive any social security payments in nine years when I turn fifty? What if I promise to spend it all on heroin?

If we're going to insist of making Mr. Mojica a ward of the state, and keeping him as such for the remainder of his days with us here on Earth, I know of a great "assisted-living" facility, where he'd fit right in.

It's a place with room service (breakfast in bed!), on-site recreational facilities and laundry room, landscaping service (never cut your lawn or paint your house again), strong steel bars on all the windows to keep you safe from unwanted home invasions, and a vibrant singles scene!

(And, I'd be most remiss if I didn't post the accompanying picture.)

But, you can call me "Mojo".