Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OMG! Gun-Grabbers Proven Right!

Though, something tells me this isn't exactly the kind of Blood in the Streets!!!TM scenario they have in mind, when they peddle their wholly unsubstantiated bullshit about what will happen if ordinary citizens are allowed to possess and carry firearms.

PHILADELPHIA -- It appears an armed robber picked the wrong store to hold up. Police said it's the robber who wound up getting shot.

The "wrong" store? That's a matter of perspective.

"There was a trail of blood and a hat found on the highway, and also a semiautomatic handgun. And the blood led down the street onto North 3rd Street," Vanore said.

Police said the blood trail lead them from the store to the doorstep of Turner's house.

Now, which is the more preferable outcome? A wounded goblin at the end of a blood trail, or a dead shopkeeper in a pool of blood on the floor?

Don't hurt yourself thinking about it.