Monday, August 18, 2008

What Would You Do?

You're driving to the supermarket to pick up a few things. You find a good parking spot, but notice that someone left his shopping cart there, so you have to stop the car, get out and move it. While doing so, you notice that whoever had that cart had left a case of beer in the bottom rack.

What would you do?

And, oh yeah, it's Budweiser.

A. Leave it there. It's piss anyway.

B. Take it back to the store and explain that someone had left it behind.

C. Shit! Free beer! And, hey, if that guy hadn't been such a douchebag and left his cart in my spot, he would have noticed the beer was still there when he took it back to the cart return area.

UPDATE: It was my Better Half who was faced with this moral dilemma the other day. She, being the good spouse and morally upright citizen that she is, grabbed the beer, stuck it in the back of the Odyssey, and drove home without a second thought.

Well done, Sweety.

Now, if the original purchaser of the beer were to come forward and show me a dated store receipt for the case of beer, he or she would be more than welcome to come over for a cold one.