Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mother of the Year

From Mobile, Alabama:

Reginald Whitehead is now in jail. Sunday night neighbors say, he went on a rampage wielding an axe and threatening people on Steiner street in Mobile all the while stark naked.

I blame the ALA.

They're clearly responsible for facilitating this horrific incident. I mean, did you know that, in Alabama, any nutjob can just walk into a hardware store and buy an axe with no criminal background check, licensing requirement, or waiting period?

Witnesses say Whitehead then went across the street where three-year-old Jonah was playing in his yard. His mother, Tessica Williams told us, “He chased my son back into the yard with the ax. I grabbed my son, threw my son into the house and I grabbed my gun and told him not to take another step because I was going to shoot him. He raised the ax up and dropped it back down and ran down the street."

Mother and child safe.

No shots fired.

No blood in the streets.

I hope she takes that gun down to the shop first thing in the morning to have a qualified gunsmith take a look at it. It's obviously defective, as illustrated by the fact that she didn't kill half a dozen bystanders that day, and her child made it his third birthday in one piece.

Gun Control: Because the right of some crazed, naked, axe-wielding sociopath to attack a three-year-old child is more sacrosanct that the right of the child's mother to prevent him from doing so.