Monday, August 11, 2008

Circling the Bowl

From the same idiotic, liberal (but, I repeat myself) mindset that tried to sell us Ebonics as a legitimate "language" to accepted in our schools alongside English, Spanish, French, Latin, etc.

Faced with a flood of basic spelling mistakes, you might expect a university lecturer to demand his students pay more attention to the dictionary.

But one don is so fed up with having to correct his undergraduates' errors that he is calling for something rather more unorthodox - a spelling amnesty.

Dr Ken Smith is urging colleagues to turn a blind eye to the 20 most common slips - such as 'Febuary', 'ignor' and 'speach' - and view them instead as variants of standard spellings.

This helps to explain why there are so many young people around the world who are enamored with Barack Obama and who think SUV's in Alabama are killing polar bears in Alaska.

We're looking at a generation of kids that has all but given up the ability to think and learn. What really pisses me off to no end is how willing their "educators" are to facilitate this abandonment of reality and common sense in favor of life in a world where there are no "wrong answers", only HopenchangeTM.