Thursday, August 14, 2008

Justice Served

Find the little pukes responsible for this...

New Bedford police and neighborhood residents are searching for the vandals responsible for defacing a new handicapped-accessible playground that took years and thousands of dollars to build.


It's estimated that the vandalism damage is in the thousands of dollars. Playground supporters say there is no money left to fix the damage so they will have to put together another fund raiser to get at least $4,000.

...and sell them as slaves for $4,000 apiece to some sex-starved tyrant in a faraway, God-forsaken, third-world shithole of a country. Any money leftover after repairs are completed will go toward beer and pizza for the playground re-opening ceremony.

UPDATE: How much do you think the City of New Bedford could get for this scumbag? I don't know what the going rate is for sex slaves with experience in the field of aggressive sexual behavior, but I'd think he'd be good for at least 10-grand or so.

NEW BEDFORD (WBZ) ― A police officer risked his life to save three people from a fire in New Bedford. An unregistered sex offender is now charged with attempted murder and arson.