Friday, September 26, 2008

Barney Frank Is Right

John McCain hasn't been involved.

Of course, that depends heavily on one's definition of "involved"

Obligatory Follow-Up Rhetorical Question

Why hasn’t the Great Uniter, the Candidate of HopenchangeTM, the Bearer of the Torch of New Politics, the One We’ve Been Waiting For, the self-professed Champion of Bipartisan Problem Solving called for Frank and Dodd to recuse themselves forthwith from these proceedings?


Why is everybody laughing?

UPDATE: Speaking of Chris Dodd, I wonder if he's starting to regret signing the bottom line on those sweetheart loans he got from his friends at Countrywide.

Nah, probably not. That would require something halfway resembling a functioning moral compass.

Scumbag, recuse thyself.