Friday, September 26, 2008

Raise Your Hand If You Saw This Coming

August 2008:

BOSTON (WBZ) ― There was good news and bad news for drivers at the Massachusetts Turnpike Board meeting Wednesday in Auburn.

The good news is the board decided not to raise the cost of tolls for the next 12 months.

September 2008:

STURBRIDGE - Massachusetts Turnpike Authority officials, declaring "there's no tooth fairy" to rescue the beleaguered agency, debated a menu of steep toll hikes yesterday and appeared resigned about passing a price hike in the near future.

I guess it all depends on one's definition of "twelve".

And, who says the agency needs to be rescued? Dissolve the Turnpike Authority and call it a hack-funded bailout for the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.

Sure, there will be costs. Like, a reduction in pension payouts for over-bloated executives and a loss of jobs for the patronage hire toll collectors, but aren't these bailouts all about making sacrifices for the "common good" in times of crisis?

On the other hand, if that were to happen, companies outside Massachusetts might start to get the impression that the people running the Commonwealth actually do care about making Massachusetts a more business friendly environment. And, that could lead to more job opportunities for the people of Massachusetts.

Of course, it also might result in an influx of intelligent, independent-minded voters who don't believe in being lorded over by an all-powerful, nanny-state government.

So, scratch that idea.

(Boston Globe link via reader Jim, who bitched like a little schoolgirl the last time I forgot to throw him a hat tip :) )