Sunday, September 28, 2008

Worlds Beyond Despicable

Nancy Pelosi hangs the "UNPATRIOTIC" label around the necks of House Republicans for failing to attend bailout negotiating meeting.

A meeting they WERE NOT INVITED TO.

Despicable doesn't even begin to describe this.

If this is the "new politics" we were promised by Pelosi and her "most ethical Congree ever", I'll pass thanks.

Where's Barack "The Great Uniter" Obama on this one? If he were one-tenth of one percent the "reach across the aisle" kind of reformer he claims to be, he'd be calling out Pelosi for uttering such a reprehensible statement as this.

Yeah, I know.

Gold bars, my ass, kids' college fund...some assembly required.

Also, from the Indisputable Fact File:

Anyone who thinks the media wouldn't be covering this story any differently had it been a Republican saying something like that needs to get his head examined.