Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Truth Squads - Free State Style

There's an absolutely priceless exchange here (at 01:39) between a Concord (NH) Police Officer and a small group of local political activists peaceably assembled on the sidewalk, protesting the arrest of a fellow activist.

Police Officer: What's going? Why are we here today? And do we have a permit for being here?

Citizens: (laughter)

Ordinary citizens standing up against an agent of the government, who was using ignorance and intimidation as weapons in an attempt to violate the Constitutional rights of the people.

Compare and contrast those individuals to Barack "Constitutional Scholar Extraordinaire" Obama's so-called "truth squads", agents of the government who made it their mission to intimidate and threaten with possible arrest and prosecution, those citizens who would choose to exercise their right to speak freely against the Truth Squad's candidate of choice.

UPDATE: The video seems to be loading reeeeeal slow on YouTube. Stick with it if you can. It's so worth it to hear the cop getting laughed at - a spectacular "We're not in Massachusetts, anymore, Toto" moment.

UPDATE II: Might as well put the clip here too.

And, FTR, that was Concord Police Officer Mark Hassapes in that video. Officer Hassapes currently serves as Chief Thug Steward for the Concord Police Patrolmen's Association.

Among our ongoing efforts is a continual focus on striving to better serve the public through partnerships with the City of Concord and other groups representing the greater Concord community.

Officer Hassapes, if you really want to "better serve the public", I highly recommend you enroll yourself in an introductory course on the First Amendment rights of the people you're sworn to protect.

Or, is harassing law-abiding civilians one of your preferred techniques for getting one those "nice" adrenaline rushes you like so much?