Friday, March 06, 2009

Mr. Kimball, You Are not Alone

Meet New Hampshire businessman Jack Kimball.

“I consider it to be one of the greatest blunders in American history,” said the city businessman. “All my life I was taught that communism and socialism were what we were fighting against. Then, without firing a single shot, that’s what we’re getting. We’ll be passing on all this debt to our children and grandchildren, and maybe beyond.”

Inside his medical facility cleaning business, Kimball keeps a small American flag in his pencil holder, a “God Bless America” plaque in the lobby and a framed photo of his 1967 Navy unit on his office wall. He owns a 9 mm handgun and an M-4 assault rifle, but is not a member of the National Rifle Association.

He also bought “as much ammo as I could get my hands on.”

“I think we have serious things coming,” said Kimball, who is adopting a survivalist mentality by adding generators at his home and planning for worst case scenarios.

“Our enemies see us as weak and they are going to test us,” he said.


Kimball said he’s not an activist, but “a patriot more than anything.”

Which explains the name of his newly formed group of “like-minded people,” the Granite State Patriots. Its platform, he said, is to support American troops, counter anti-war and pro-Hamas groups within a 60-mile radius, and “keep a close eye on this president.”

Google his group, he said, but “if you’re politically correct, do not join.”

Here's the link: Granite State Patriots


Following an article in the Portsmouth Herald entitled "Bypass Businessman Says Stop Paying Your Mortgage". Jack Kimball will appear live on FOX & Friends this Friday, March 6th, 2009 at 8:20am. Tune in early to make sure you catch his piece.

UPDATE: Here's the video from yesterday.