Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning

Well, it's a better Monday than most.

The world's pirate population decreased by a margin of three over the weekend, and Captain Phillips is safe and well.

And, testicular fortitude has yet to go out of style in New Hampshire.

PELHAM, N.H. -- Steve Gagne stopped a burglar, telling him to return electronics and jewelry the man stole from his house on Friday.

The burglar agreed to Gagne's demands and plugged the equipment back in. Police in Pelham are trying to track down the burglar, WMUR News 9 reporter Aaron Kellogg reported.

The burglar walked into Gagne's back yard in broad daylight when no one else was home.

"Adrenaline. It was adrenaline," said Gagne, a father of five. "I told him to put the stuff down, and he had the crowbar that he had broken into my house with, I made sure that was put to the side. Then, I picked up the crowbar, and then, I made him bring everything back into my house."

Who doesn't love happy ending?