Saturday, October 10, 2009

Can't Spell "Pulitzer" Without P-U-T-Z


One reason for the decline of newspaper circulation is that 42 million Americans are illiterate and roughly 50 million more are semi-literate, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Christopher Hedges says.

So, if you prefer to get your news on the internet, as opposed to walking out in the rain in the morning to pick up a soggy newspaper full of yesterday's headlines, its cuz yer awl liek illiturit n' stuf.

In other news, sales of 8-track tapes in the United States dropped like a rock in the early 80's, because that's right about the time the American people stopped listening to music.

Newspaper readership has also fallen off because “we have a large, sustained, well-funded set of people out there who attack honest reporting” and who have created “a belief that the news is not to be trusted,” adds David Cay Johnston, like Hedges a former New York Times reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner.

Oh, where to begin?

"Honest reporting" such as Dan Rather's forged TANG memos?

Or ABC's editing of Sarah Palin's interview responses in mid-sentence to change the meaning of her answers?

Or Charlie Gibson's dreary reporting of unemployment numbers in the early 80's, compared to his upbeat and optimistic coverage of today's joblessness levels?

Or MSNBC's racist black man with a gun video edit?

Or CNN's now-infamous "assault weapons vs. cinder block" demonstration?

Or (fill in MSM outlet of your choice here)'s decision to run countless pre-debunked anti-Palin smearjobs?


(I'll let my readers fill out the rest of the list.)

If one conclusion can be drawn from that article, it's that Nobel Peace Prizes and Pulitzers are both being handed out like Halloween candy these, only without the integrity and high standards.

UPDATE: Case in point (to be filed under "You can't make this shit up!").

ABC News: Taliban, al Qaeda Helped by Warming

The show narrative must go on!

"If you oppose Cap & trade, you want the terrorists to win."

And, some people wonder why Americans are, as a whole, spending more on guns and ammunition and less on newspaper subscriptions.