Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Thing She's a Massachusetts Democrat

If she were anything but, this story would have the potential to destroy her political career.

When Martha Coakley was the Middlesex district attorney, her office prosecuted the Rev. John J. Geoghan based on an allegation that he squeezed the buttocks of a 10-year-old boy a single time at a public swimming pool. The highly publicized 2002 conviction won Coakley widespread praise for bringing the first successful criminal case against the widely accused pedophile, a priest many had called “Father Jack."

But seven years earlier, Coakley, then the head of the Middlesex child abuse unit, had Geoghan in her sights and took a dramatically different approach. Back then, three grade-school brothers told investigators that Geoghan had inappropriately touched them during numerous visits to their Waltham home, and had made lewd telephone calls to them. Rather than prosecute, Coakley agreed to grant Geoghan a year of probation in a closed-door proceeding that received no media attention at all.

Because of the deal, Geoghan faced no formal charges and no criminal record.

If you remember, back in July of 2008, we learned that Martha Coakley isn't exactly a big fan of seeing private citizens take actions to protect children from sexual predators.

"All I'm saying is that...we really try and discourage people from self-help."

Now, we find out she's been discouraging the State from doing anything about them either.

And, this woman wants to be a United States senator.

Though, I must say, given the current crop of corrupt, thieving scumbags holding that title, I think she'd fit in quite nicely.

Massachusetts voters certainly deserve her.

The rest of us, not so much.

UPDATE: Exit Question: Will Mike Capuano bury her with this in next month's special election for Ted Kennedy's senate seat, or play the role of John McCain, the friendly (and sad, pathetic, losing) candidate, and pass this baton to Scott Brown for use further down the road?