Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nope, No Political Agenda Here

From the network that brought you the forged TANG memos.

Katie Couric Uses Christmas Poem To Campaign For ObamaCare

UPDATE: From the comments @ newsbusters...

Twas the month before
November 23, 2009 - 22:18 ET by Slyrr

Twas the month before christmas, and all through the land,
the people were shouting to stop the government's plan
Yes they planned to seize health care, and they did it with glee,
with a scheme to fleece trillions, from taxpayers like me

they wrote in death panels, and all health care they rationed,
and they demanded church-goers to bankroll abortions
for it wasn't enough for them just to kill babies,
It had to be done in a way that spites Jesus.

the media laid out deception with care,
in hopes that full socialism soon would be theirs.
With Couric's lame poems and other claptrap
and with Chris Matthews bragging 'bout thrills in his pants

they lied and they shouted, they claimed to speak for the masses,
then sent unions and ACORN to kick protestor @$$#$.
They called us nazis, teabaggers, raised quite a to-do,
they bit off the fingers of protestors too.

They used violence and mob tactics in a desperate bid,
to silence the people, and keep the truth hid.
They bribed and they blackmailed to buy corrupt votes,
by the lead of Obama, and his lies about 'hope'.

He was supposed to end 'business as usual' here,
but both he and the media killed hope with a sneer.
They shut out debate, they said 'shut up and go 'way,
'this ain't American no more', we heard their thugs say

They pretend to be as holy as a church with a steeple,
they're just doing their own will - and ignoring the people!