Thursday, December 24, 2009

Operation Scorched Earth Officially Underway

The United States Senate passed Harry Reid's crap sandwich of a health care bill this morning.

And it only took a billion or so in bribes and kickbacks, paid with the money of the taxpayers opposed to the bill, to get it done.

Despite what the headlines are telling us, there was nothing historical or earth-shattering about this morning's vote - quite the opposite in fact. You give me a bucket with a billion dollars in it, and I could buy off enough senators to pass a law mandating the wearing of propeller beanies on Tuesdays.

With this vote, and last night's vote to keep such vote-buying schemes legal, the Democrats have officially kicked off Operation Scorched Earth.

Sarah Palin tweets:

c tomrrw's Healthcare Takeover vote=the sleeping giant will awaken&action will b takn by"average"Americans as lite shines on big govt growth

She's right (again).

This vote will spark a voter backlash of massive proportion.

The Democrats know this.

And they don’t care.

If they cared about voter backlash, they’d have scrapped this pile garbage months ago and started over.

They know they’re going to get creamed in November.

And, they know this to be true, regardless of which way they voted this morning, or whether this bill becomes law or not.

So dedicated to their cause of radical leftism are they, that they're now willing to sacrifice themselves on the socialistic altar of Hopenchange in what can only be described as a scorched earth policy – a plan to inflict as much damage as possible to the private sector economy and the rights and liberty of the American individual between now and election day.

When U.S. and Allied Forces were driving Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait back in '91, he knew he was beat. He recognized that Kuwait was on the verge of liberation, so he had his men set fire to hundreds of oil wells on their way out - their way of saying "F*** YOU, AMERICA!" one last time before accepting defeat.

I've known for a long time now that our federal government is fraught with greed and corruption, and in need of real reform. But, I never thought I'd live to see the day where our elected representatives acted in such in a manner - one so diametrically opposed to the will of the citizenry - as if to say "Yeah, we're gonna get our asses beat. So, suck on this, bitches!" (i.e. "F*** YOU, AMERICA!")

And, oh yeah, that's the good news.

You want the bad news?

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

They’re just getting warmed up.

You think this healthcare bill is bad?

Don’t think for a minute that Cap & Trade is dead, just because Al Gore's empire has been exposed as the fraudulent criminal enterprise that it is. As long as there are United States Senators and Representatives willing to sell their votes and their integrity for hundreds of millions of dollars. in taxpayer-funded bribes and kickbacks, Operation Scorched Earth will continue to run its course.

Biden said it best: Gird your loins.