Thursday, January 21, 2010


Picked this up today from a guy in the next town over, via Craigslist. I'd been looking for a deal on the newer version, the VT50, but the price was right, and this has got more bells and whistles on it than I'll really need.

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT

Amazingly versatile and it nails the classic tube amps.

It puts together the amazingly realistic tube preamp sound of Valvetronix technology, Valve Reactor circuitry for the sound and feel of tube power, and 11 models of vintage and modern amp classics including the legendary AC30. It also packs a block of 11 high-quality effects including composites, 50W of juice, and a 12" Vox Original speaker. Knob-based controls make it easy to drive. 2 channels and manual mode give you 3 distinct sound sets. Output wattage is adjustable. Line and headphone jacks are provided for home recording and silent practice. Programs and effects are footswitchable with optional VFS2 switch.


* Vox Valve Reactor circuit delivers real tube tone
* 11 amp models
* 11 high-quality effects (including composite effects)
* User program storage
* 2 channels
* Preset amp models
* Knob-based interface for quick and intuitive editing
* Line and headphone jacks for home recording or late-night practice
* Operates as a conventional amp in manual mode
* Adjustable output wattage of the power amp
* Optional VFS2 dual footswitch controls programs and effects


* Number of amp types: 11
* Number of effects: 11, Noise reduction: 1
* Number of programs: 11 preset, 2 channel
* Input/output jacks: guitar input, footswitch input, and line/headphone output
* Power amp output: 50W RMS @ 8 ohms
* Speaker: 1x VOX original (12 inch, 8 ohm)
* Signal processing A/D conversion: 24-bit, D/A conversion: 24-bit,
* Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
* Power supply requirements: AC, local voltage

Pity the kids are sleeping right now.

UPDATE: Forgot the family portrait.