Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Do the Math

Remember that $1.3 million Scott Brown raised in a single day?

Martha Coakley's claims of big money special interest groups feeding Brown's campaign coffers notwithstanding, the Daily Caller is reporting today that the average individual donation was hardly "big money".

Most of the 16,000 contributors who are responsible for Republican Scott Brown banking $1.3 million in campaign bucks on Monday for his Massachusetts Senate campaign came from grass roots donors averaging $77.89 a donation, his campaign said.

“It went viral,” Felix Browne, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Republican told The Daily Caller. Help from former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, both Republicans who sent emails to their supporters encouraging them to donate, helped bring in dollars from across the country.

Rob Eno, a Brown supporter and one of the operators of blog, said he helped raise over $12,000 for the money bomb off his Web site with an application for visitors to donate to Brown’s campaign. The Brown enthusiast donated $50 to the campaign minutes after the money bomb began early Monday morning.

“I’ve been involved in Massachusetts politics for 10 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” Eno said of the grassroots involvement for Brown.

And, of course, Coakley made these claims about Brown's supposed dependence on well-heeled special interest groups while standing outside the building where she was attending a fundraiser in Washington DC to rake in tens of thousands from HMO, pharmaceutical, and insurance company lobbyists.

This woman has no shame.

And, how does the DNC (note: not exactly a Massachusetts-based opersation) respond to Scott Brown's success in getting ordinary American's to support his campaign?

Will Republicans Sell Out To National Tea Party Movement Backfire At Home?
And If He’s Elected, Who Will He Owe?

“Scott Brown made a deal with the devil – and he should have held out for a better one…Brown’s embrace of radical tea party groups for funding coincides nicely with his willingness to accept the millions in television ads from shadowy out-of-state organizations with links to Karl Rove…”

Yes, you read that right. The Democrats are still running against Karl Rove.

Taste the change.

Pop Quiz:

Martha Coakley and the Democrat national Committee have, by their own words, acknowledged that Scott Brown embraces hard-working, tax-paying American citizens upset with the direction their government is taking the country.

Martha Coakley, by her own actions, has embraced _________.

(a) child-molesting priests
(b) corrupt Massachusetts legislators
(c) the ACORN/SEIU machine
(d) K Street
(e) all of the above

Seriously, if this smear campaign isn't ample proof that Coakley and the Democrats are out of ideological gas, and have all but given up on debating the issues in an open and honest manner, what would be?

Hopenchange Paradigm #53:

Communicating openly and honestly with the American people, discussing the issues that matter the most to them, and earning their trust and admiration is the now considered "making a deal with the devil".

Skipping out of town to suck up to lobbyists, union bosses, and Beltway insiders is now grassroots politics at its finest.