Saturday, February 06, 2010

What's the Big Deal?

It's not like he wore a jacket with a snowmobile logo on it.

CBS2Chicago: Cohen's Ex-Wife Claims He Tried To Choke Her

Cook County court records reveal that Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Scott Lee Cohen's ex-wife accused him of taking several anabolic steroids and repeatedly threatening her and her children. She also accused him Thursday of trying to choke her before their marriage.

The allegations are coming to light as Cohen is resisting calls to step down from the party's ticket before the November general election.

A shady politician from Cook County getting his party's nomination for public office without having his record exposed to any kind of scrutiny in the establishment news media?

Me, shocked face, some assembly required.

UPDATE: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

CHICAGO (AP) - The Democratic nominee for Illinois lieutenant governor has dropped out of the race less than a week after winning the nomination amid a political uproar about his past.

Political uproar?

Excuse me?

Isn't that what we say when a candidate creates a stir by taking a controversial position on a political issue?

Oh, wait, I forgot. This guy's a part of the Chicago/Cook County Corruption machine, where knife play is a considered a legitimate political tool, just part of the job.