Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sad, Pathetic, and Childlike...

...but, oh so predictable.

New Hampshire Democrats are engaged in a statewide search for liberal activists willing to attend so-called tea parties on Thursday and carry signs expressing racist or fringe sentiments, a Democratic source with knowledge of the effort tells

According to the source, who sought anonymity for fear of reprisals, the Dems’ last minute scramble reflects a growing obsession among party leaders that they need to discredit the tea party movement soon or it will overwhelm them come the November election.

Former Democratic State Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan is heading up the search, the source said. Sullivan has been calling and e-mailing liberal activists trying to get them to attend tea parties in different parts of the state and hold signs denying the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and make racially disparaging comments to reporters.

“This is Kathy’s [Sullivan] project,” the source told “She is absolutely obsessed with painting the tea party people as racists.”

Why these people insist on disrespecting Dr. King's legacy the way they do, I'll never understand. Dr. King dreamed of a world where people are judged by the contet of their character, and not the color of their skin.

Ms. Sullivan's actions and motives speak volumes to her character, and it's not a pretty picture.

UPDATE: Sullivan issues denial.

Will a denial-denial be forthcoming from