Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Few Smoots Short of a Bridge

It's seems I've attracted a vistor recently from the intellectualy superior hamlet of Cambridge, Massachusetts. This product of the liberal academia machine has posted some comments from an IP address registered to Harvard University.

Let's all sit back and bask in his vast intelligence now, shall we.

Cambridge is were it's at the best place on earth and paople from all over the world come hear

His thoughts on Kanye "The Government distributes AIDS" West:

kanya speaks the truth

I hate to be the bearer of harsh reality here, Spanky, but you wouldn't recognize the truth if it jumped up and down on your table at Starbucks, peeled the Howard Dean sticker off your skateboard and jammed it up your ass.

And here's his birthday wish for me:

fuck u bruce some of the shite you say on your site is fucked up you stupid bitch cambridge hates you, you fuckin bitch talk shit of people who died and shit thats so fucked up

I think somebody needs a hug.