Monday, October 24, 2005

"Unfortunate Events"?

Making life a little more comfortable for those who would seek to do a woman harm - it's not just a campaign slogan anymore. It's a way of life.

Election board boss brings trail of troubles

A non-profit boss tabbed by Mayor Thomas M. Menino to head up a board organized to clean up Boston's elections is a deadbeat dad currently wanted on a criminal warrant.

Kevin C. Peterson, who was appointed by Menino in August to co-chair the Mayor's Advisory Task Force, owes more than $41,000 in back child support to two women for his two children, according to Department of Revenue records.

He has also had two restraining orders taken out against him by ex-girlfriends, one of whom accused him of abuse. There is also currently a criminal warrant for his arrest out of Dorchester District Court for a host of motor vehicle violations, officials said.


Menino spokesman Seth Gitell said last night the mayor was unaware of Peterson's background.

Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts.

What's that, you say? You actually want to own a gun?

Well, get ready to bend over, pal. The city's coming up your ass and they're bringing a microscope with 'em to look for anything in your background they can get their hands on to disqualify you from doing so. And, you'd best get comfortable, too. This could take a while.

You want a hack position at City Hall heading up one of Menino's feel-good, do-nothing "task forces"?

Sign here.

"The mayor's office will look into this immediately," Gitell said.

Jesus, if that guy doesn't have the easiest job on the planet, I don't know who does.

Mayor Menino Press Release Generator

1. The Mayor is [outraged/delighted] over this latest development. (choose one)

2. The Mayor was [unaware of/responsible] for much of what you read in the papers this morning regarding this incident. (choose one)

3. The Mayor will [look into it/schedule a cocktail reception] immediately. (choose one)

Anyway, back to the story at hand.

In addition to several motor vehicle charges, Peterson's rap sheet includes a 2001 rape case in which he was accused of sexually assaulting an ex-girlfriend while she slept.

The rape and kidnapping charges were dismissed after a superior court grand jury failed to return an indictment.

While the rape case was pending, his accuser told cops Peterson showed up at her house, banging on the window, and called her 66 times.

"I think he intends to harm me if I persist with my court action against him for sexual assault," the woman wrote in a June 6, 2001, affidavit.

In 1997, another ex-girlfriend accused him of stalking and harassing her and breaking into her Jeep.

"I have been physically abused in the past by Kevin Peterson," the woman wrote in a restraining order affidavit.

So, he likes preying on defenseless women? Now, that's Tommy's kind of guy. Let's see what the esteemed Mr. Peterson have to say for himself?

"These were unfortunate events that have happened..."

Poor baby just had a streak of bad luck. That's all.

Considered a leading voice in the city for voters' rights, Peterson has been featured on National Public Radio and has written op-ed pieces for the Boston Globe.

I guess you really can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps.