Saturday, June 24, 2006

Yeah, Here's a Shocker

The Boston Herald has a follow-up piece to the story they broke on Friday, regarding the Boston police officer who "allegedly" shot a fellow cop who was trying to stop him from driving drunk after a long night of drinking and bar-hopping.

From Friday's Boston Herald:

A Boston police officer sent a .40-caliber round speeding through the hip of a fellow officer early yesterday morning in West Roxbury as the two argued over whether he was sober enough to drive, sources said.

My response at the time:

If I had spent the better part of the evening getting shit-faced and driving drunk around the city, while carrying a loaded gun, and then decided, at 4:30 in the morning, to shoot a cop who was trying to prevent me from driving any further, I suspect I'd be looking at some serious jail time.

But, then again, I'm just an ordinary citizen.


I'm seeing a lengthy "investigation" on the horizon, the final write-up of which will likely contain the phrases "accidentally discharged", and "the gun, which Officer _______ believed to be unloaded, then went off", and one asshole cop submitting to drug and alcohol counseling in a union-approved method of job/pension/gun rights preservation - a nice little "get out of jail free" card, unavailable to us mere mortals.

Tell me I'm way off base here.


The Boston Herald today:

Two Boston police officers have been suspended but no arrests have been made after one of the cops allegedly shot the other in an argument over whether the shooter was capable of driving following a night of boozing in Dorchester, investigators and sources told the Herald.

Forgive me for repeating myself, but if that were you or I who did this, we'd be under arrest, held without bail, and stripped of our "rights" to ever own a firearm for as long as we live faster that you could say "Holy double fucking standard, Batman!".

"An investigation will determine whether the officer who fired will be charged,"” said Suffolk District Attorney'’s Office spokesman David Procopio, the first official to confirm the cop-on-cop shooting scenario.


Durkin allegedly drove away after the shooting, leaving Behnke'’s wife, a nurse, to drive him to the hospital for treatment.

Let's see...he was carrying a loaded firearm (and driving) while intoxicated. He shot a police officer. And, he fled the scene of the shooting (without rendering first aid...what a guy!). Gee, are these even crimes we can prosecute here in Massachusetts? There have been so many changes to the laws, I think I need a refresher course to help me cut through all the gray area here.

Police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said while the investigation is under way, officers Paul Durkin, a 26-year-veteran, who sources identified as the alleged shooter, and four-year veteran Joseph Behnke were placed on paid leave and stripped of their sidearms following Friday'’s suspension.

Shoot a cop, flee the scene, here's your check.

But, try to get an armed and dangerous drunk driver off the road, and get shot for your efforts, and it's "please turn in your gun". Nope, nothing to see here, folks, move along.

Of course, the story fails to mention if Officer Durkin's personal firearms have been taken from his home. Perhaps, they're still debating whether he's "suitable to be licensed". What say you, Sergeant Mosher?

OK, I know this is all S.O.P. And yes, I admit, there's still a chance that the "investigation" will actually lead to charges being brought forward in this case, as well they should be, by all accounts. But, it's right up there with the chance that the Sox will be calling me up to provide a little middle relief out of the bullpen.

As I'm wont to say, we shall see.