Wednesday, September 27, 2006 You Got There

From the Boston Globe:

Good deeds on the go rewarded

T riders stepped aside and let passengers get on trains before boarding. Others gave up their seats. And some even looked out for fellow riders in trouble.

A teenage boy climbing aboard a bus at Ashmont Station backed up so several senior citizens could get on first. A few passengers lifted others' baby strollers up stairs or onto trains. A crowd parted to make way for a blind woman with a seeing-eye dog.

They were all acts of commuting courtesy, taken for granted in many cities as part of daily life. But in famously brusque Boston yesterday, such random acts of kindness were rewarded with a chit for a cup of coffee or doughnuts.

Just holding a door open brought a $2 Dunkin' Donuts gift card -- much to the surprise of Daniel Collins , 32, of Weymouth, who rides the Red Line to work.

"To be quite honest," he said, "I would rather they put the money towards increasing efficiencies on the T. But it was a nice award."

More than 400 gift cards, donated by the chain, were handed out yesterday during the morning commute on bus, subway, and commuter rail lines . State Transportation Secretary John Cogliano said the Courtesy Counts campaign would continue periodically for the foreseeable future.

And, the cards are excellent for helping middle-aged T employees in dorky orange safety vests meet hot chicks!

(Boston Globe photo)