Monday, September 25, 2006


For the sixth time this year, in just the City of Houston alone, a child was accidentally killed by an unsecured "assault weapon" in his home.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission last week issued a warning about the danger and reported that the number of accidental "assault weapon" deaths during just the first seven months of 2006 had doubled the typical yearly average.

My God! That's simply tragic!

Yeah, and it's also a load of crap. Here's the real story.

A falling television has killed another Houston child, at least the sixth such death in the city this year.

Manar Alkandari, 3, was trying to adjust the television when it fell on her head, officials reported. She was taken to an urgent-care center and then to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, where she was pronounced dead Thursday night.

The death comes two months after Memorial Hermann and other health officials warned that the problem had become "a public health issue."

Translated: People are too fucking stupid today to exercise even the slightest bit of common sense, when it comes to keeping their children safe around the home. So, once again, it wil be up to the benevolent and all-knowing government to step in, do what's "best for us", and save us from ourselves.

But, the Nanny-Staters Brigade will start, as they always do, by going after the manufacturers of these deadly weapons and "ask" them to unnecessarily, and at their own expense, modify their product, based on the unfortunate and irresponsible actions of a nearly immeasurable portion of that product's user base.

Sound familiar?

The author of one of three academic studies on the subject this year called for a public awareness campaign about the danger and urged manufacturers to include straps or other securing devices with equipment.

Yep, you can see where that train's headed.

"The homeowner was charged with one felony count of failing to secure a high display capacity television."

I need a drink.