Friday, September 22, 2006

Affording Women the Right to Choose

Here's a story that is sure to shock and horrify Bay State lawmakers. A woman in Texas made the choice to protect her body from being harmed by knife-wielding assailants. Not living in Massachusetts certainly helped.

Fighting back

Woman defends herself from attack with gun

By Courtney Reese/Times Record News
September 21, 2006

A 38-year-old woman staying at the Homewood Suites in Wichita Falls turned the tables Tuesday night on a potential attacker in the parking lot.

The woman's father said she pulled her .380 automatic pistol on the man, who came up behind her as she was getting sinus medicine from her van about 9 p.m.

He gave the following information about the incident:

The man asked her, "Do you have anything good in that van?"

The woman knew she was in trouble. She told him yes and moved to the front passenger-side door.

She pulled out her pistol and heard a knife click open.

When she looked back, she saw the man was holding a knife pointed downward in his hand.

She quickly turned, pointed the gun right at him and asked, "Are you really sure you want to do whatever you're going to do?"

He took off running, the father said.

Jarrett Barrios frickin' hates when that happens.

Massachusetts: We prefer our women defenseless,
docile, and subservient. It's the "progressive" way!

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